Shinhidaka, Japan

Lexington was twinned with the Japanese city of Shinhidaka in 1988. Shinhidaka is located on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. Lexington's agricultural school, Locust Trace, has a sister school relationship with Shinhidaka's agricultural school. Shinhidaka is home to the largest sales pavilion for auctioning horses in Japan, as well as many thoroughbred farms surrounding the city. Lexington and Shinhidaka just celebrated their 30th anniversary as Sister Cities in 2018. 

Shinhidaka Programs

Shinhidaka Delegation Homestays

 Our Japanese visitors are so excited to visit Lexington this summer. They would like to experience authentic American life, so they will be staying in homes instead of hotels! A host family is not only able to represent Lexington, but also America as a whole. We encourage you to sign up for this amazing opportunity to share your culture and your home.  Please fill out and return the form below to get involved!